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Havana Facilities Management Services LTD was incorporated in 2017 as a hygiene service provider in Uganda. Today,Havana Facilities Management Services Limited is Uganda’s leading provider of commercial professional Cleaning and other related services.

Cleaning and other related hygiene services are essential ingredients in a modern work or living environment which demands professional attention, that ensures the services provided are not only satisfactory but also surface and environment friendly. We serve a wide range of customers including Embassies, Government Institutions, Universities, shopping malls, commercial building and colleges just to name but a few.

We are committed to providing modern, professional, environmentally- friendly and efficient service to commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

  • Industry Leadership

    We have gained market growth by strategically acquiring key accounts in the various sectors in the region. Coupled with a strong financial position and a regional network, we have enjoyed the opportunity of a predominant role in the cleaning or hygiene Industry.
  • Mission:

    To achieve dominance in the region as a professional or hygiene service provider, landscaping, waste management, pest control and fumigation thus creating a hospitable work or living environment.
  • Vision:

    To be a world class professional cleaning and hygiene service provider.
  • Regional Reach.

    We have achieved a formidable loyal clientele over this period because of our commitment to Excellence.